Parrot Airborne Quadcopter Mini Drones Cargo Night


Embedded VGA mini camera


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Embedded VGA mini camera , Shock resistant and durable design makes it safe to perform acrobatic flips and stunts , Includes compartments for holding small objects and a base for attaching items like mini figures or blocks , Free Flight Mini app gives you ultimate control from your smartphone or tablet , Removable lithium-polymer 550mAh battery lasts up to 9 minutes and recharges in 25 minutes

Scour the stars with the Parrot Airborne Cargo, an impact-resistant, customizeable minidrone that can carry building blocks, figurines, and more with its Smart Block system. Will you use it to carry goods, or perhaps confidential documents? Or maybe head off on adventures and perform secret agent missions! Compact, super fast and super light at just under 2 oz, the Parrot Airborne Cargo can reach incredible speeds of 11.18 mph: perfect for high-speed chases or aerobatic tricks. It is also one of the most stable quadcopters on the market thanks to its innovative and ultra-sophisticated gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer. Control your Parrot Airborne Cargo instantly from your smartphone or tablet with the intuitive FreeFlight Mini app. You'll become a drone master in no time pulling off high-speed turns, flips and loops thanks to easy-to-use, pre-programmed controls. You can even make your drone re-start while it's in free fall — a feature exclusive to the Airborne minidrone. Capture aerial views and drone selfies — "dronies" — with the onboard vertical mini-camera, a perfect way to look back at your flying feats.

The Parrot Airborne Night Swat is one of Parrot's next-generation minidrones. Strong and impact-resistant, you can customise it in no time. One of its top features is its two LEDs! Turn on its headlamps to go high speed at any time and move into dark areas with lights blazing. With this blue drone, be the game's most elusive cop! Equipped with two powerful LEDs, the Parrot Airborne Night Maclane performs the most extreme aerobatic manoeuvres in the dark. Set the brightness and sweep through the air… For even more excitement, explore the smallest corners and every dark area accessible only by air. With its wide-angle lighting, nothing will escape you! The Parrot Airborne Night Maclane can reach incredible speeds of 11.18 mph - perfect for high-speed chases or aerobatic manoeuvres. Compact, ultra-fast, and ultra-light at just 54 g, control your Parrot Airborne Night Maclane instantly from your smartphone or tablet. Become a master in no time. Now who's the pro? Indoors or outdoors, perform non-stop 90° and 180° turns. With a single click, carry out front, back and side loops. You can even make your drone start up again while it's in free fall: thanks to an exclusive feature, its motors automatically start when you turn it on. It's up to you to defy gravity! Capture daytime aerial photos with the built-in vertical mini-camera. The Airborne Night Maclane is as light as a feather, with exceptional flight stability. How? Thanks to its gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer. This ultra-sophisticated technology makes the Parrot Airborne Night Maclane one of the most stable small quadcopters on the market. Perfect for looking back at your flying feats! Our nifty drones are packed with all the fun in the world and additional interactive opportunities : they offer unlimited learning possibilities in STEM and coding! We partner with Tynker, the leading code-learning platform used by more than 50 million kids. We have also developed an activity book for the amazing Apple Swift Playground. Finally, we have created a platform to share all those learning resources. Now you can easily teach and learn coding and problem solving in a game-like fashion! With a completely friendly user interface, a simplified first log in and automatic recognition of your connected drones and accessories, everything has been thought of to let Free Flight Mini expand your options for playing and experiences. Change your minidrone's flight settings and check the remaining battery and flight time. Let your imagination run riot and blow your friends away.

Important - This listing is for the Parrot Airborne Cargo AND Airborne Night. The color you choose determines whether you get a Cargo or a Night. Please see the guide below: 

White  = Airborne Cargo

Black, Blue, Yellow = Airborne Night

Product Info:

    • Brand: Parrot
    • Model: 46008BBR
    • What You Get:Airborne Cargo , Figurine , Battery , USB/micro-USB cable , 2 Hulls , Quickstart guide , Stickers
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